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What is a “Friend”?

The Bellevue Friends of the Library (BFOL) are interested citizens who organize to volunteer their time and efforts on behalf of the Bellevue Library, arranging programs and activities of interest to the community and money raised by BFOL provides direct financial assistance for enrichment of library services.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of BFOL?

  1. Participate in volunteer opportunities like the Corner Book Shop, marking room and book sales
  2. Quarterly newsletters, which outline upcoming programs and events sponsored by the Friends
  3. 2 annual meetings, where you can meet other friends, and learn about upcoming plans and projects
  4. Support an institution that provides lifelong learning and can improve the lives of all who choose to use it.
  5. Meet new friends and Friends!

How does the BFOL operate?

The Friends Board is elected from the membership and meets once a month. Officers are voted upon by members of the BFOL. Some members volunteer to chair special events, coordinate committees, assist with activities and volunteer in the Friends bookstore.


How is BFOL Funded?

The Friends are funded by memberships, donations, memorial gifts, book sale events and sales from the Corner Book Shop.

Are you a non-profit charity?

The Friends of the Library are a nonprofit, educational organization 501(c)(3) so donations made beyond your membership dues are a charitable contribution and are tax-deductible.

How can I donate money?

  1. You may join the BFOL
  2. Donate a cash or check at the Corner Book Shop
  3. Mail a check to:
    Bellevue Friends of the Library
    c/o Bellevue Library
    1111 110th Avenue NE
    Bellevue, WA 98004

How is the money I donate used?

100% of your BFOL membership dues support KCLS libraries and programs including
  1. Direct financial assistance for enrichment of library services.
  2. Purchasing books
  3. Supporting events that include book clubs, children’s programs,


Why do I have to become a member of BFOL to volunteer?

The Corner Book Shop is run by the BFOL group, and is staffed only by members of the BFOL. Therefore, you must first be a member of BFOL in order to volunteer.  An example would be: You must be a member of the Girl Scouts to sell Girl Scout cookies.

How much time do you require from volunteers?

We request our volunteers work 2 shifts per month. This is flexible if vacations, illnesses or other reasons for time off become necessary.

Corner Book Shop

Why did you remodel the shop?

We worked closely with the Library to achieve
  1. A look and feel that was similar to the experience our patrons have in the main room of the Bellevue Library
  2. We wanted to have more shelf space to keep up with the numbers of donations we receive and the growing number of visitors we receive in the shop.

Where are the… (magazines, sale books etc)

For safety reasons, we have been asked to keep all of our merchandise in the Corner Book Shop. This meant eliminating hallway bookshelves, including the magazine cart.

How can I provide feedback about the Corner Book Shop?

You can:
  1. Email: bellevuefriends@gmail.com
  2. Leave a note with the cashier at the Corner Book Shop, and a board member will contact you
  3. Mail a letter to Bellevue Friends of the Library
    Bellevue Friends of the Library
    c/o Bellevue Library
    1111 110th Avenue NE
    Bellevue, WA 98004

“A book is not completed till it's read.”

- Salman Rushdie