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Annual Meeting Room 1, Bellevue Library Friday June 2

This is the annual meeting of the BFOL membership. Attendees have an opportunity to vote in new Officers, meet new Board members, and find out how their contributions have benefited the communities served by the Bellevue Libraries through the year. It is also a social occasion and a time to reconnect with other Friends over a coffee and delicious treats. This year we will celebrate 60 years of BFOL, and our theme is “Honoring Our Founders.”


Holiday Tea Room 1, Bellevue Library Friday, December 8

This is a festive celebration for our members and a chance to relax and reflect on another wonderful year at the Library while enjoying a selection of delectable food and drink. Entertainment in recent years has included the Dickens Carolers and “Dining at Downtown: Trial by Fork,” a presentation by living history performance artist, Tames Alan