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Volunteers price books in the Marking Room


There are many ways to get involved with the Friends. Most activities require volunteers to be members, but non-members may help out at some events.

The Corner Book Shop and Marking Room 

All volunteers who work in the Shop and Marking Room must be members of Bellevue Friends of the Library. We welcome enthusiastic Friends who enjoy interacting with patrons and other volunteers and are enthusiastic about our mission to support the Bellevue libraries in their goal to provide our communities with opportunities for cultural enrichment and lifelong learning.
All member volunteers start out in the Marking Room where they learn how to price and organize donated  books. Once they are comfortable in this role, they may also train to work in the Shop, but this is optional.
Marking Room
Volunteers must be members of BFOL. Marking Room volunteers assess, price and organize books. They may also help restock shelves in the Shop. Two to three hour shifts are assigned to coincide with Shop hours. Volunteers generally work two shifts per month. Each month, volunteers submit times they are available to serve and a new schedule is drawn up for the following month.
Corner Book Shop
 Volunteers must be members of BFOL. The Corner Book Shop sells books and certain other items donated by the community. Revenue from sales contributes to resources and programs at Bellevue Libraries.
Volunteers open the Shop, ring up customer sales on the cash register, straighten and restock shelves, close the Shop and close out the cash register. We ask that volunteers work at least two shifts per month. New schedules are drawn up every month, and we make every effort to work around our volunteers’ other time commitments.

Board and Administrative Positions

The executive board acts as trustee of the organization’s assets and ensures that the nonprofit is well managed and remains fiscally sound. The board must exercise proper oversight of the organization’s operations and maintain the legal and ethical accountability of its staff and volunteers. Taking on responsibility for one of our board positions can be a rewarding and fascinating experience as you share in the day to day running of an organization that has successfully supported Bellevue Libraries for over 60 years.
Board members must be members of BFOL. We welcome your interest in filling a position on our board, particularly if you have experience in an administrative function such as accounting. However, prior experience is not necessary for most board positions.
The Nominating Committee goes to work each Spring to recruit new officers and board members to fill  vacant positions. Successful candidates begin their term of service at the Annual Meeting in June.

Special Sales

These are events at which we welcome the help of members and non-members alike. They present a wonderful  opportunity to discover who we are and what we do as helpers enjoy the anticipation that builds up around one of our annual sales. Our Holiday Sale is a particular favorite, and we have many loyal helpers and patrons who return year after year to share in the festive fun.
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