Although the libraries continue to be closed and we continue to social distance, there’s no reason we can’t take trip—a virtual trip, that is—down memory lane. Below is a program highlight of the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra Winter Holiday Concert sponsored by Bellevue Friends of the Library. Enjoy!

On a dark winter’s day, the library was warmed up by the soothing sounds of mandolin music. The Seattle Mandolin Orchestra performed a winter holiday concert at the Bellevue Library, right in the middle of the 1st floor stacks. Led by their conductor, Joseph White, an orchestra of 18 mandolins, 1 stand-up bass and 1 ukulele serenaded about 100 library patrons. They swayed and toe-tapped as the orchestra transported them on a holiday musical journey across cultures and throughout the ages. We heard everything from Ladino tunes, classic Italian compositions from the 1700s, a Puerto Rican jingle, to the hang-loose sounds of Hawaii holiday cheer. They even proved that mandolins could indeed rock with a rendition of Jingle Bell Rock. For one lovely hour, the music made the dark dreary day into a true winter wonderland.