Below are the responsibilities for the various Bellevue Friends of the Library board positions, and other chair and coordinator positions:


  • Arrange and preside over Executive Board meetings, assist Executive Board and committee members to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Schedule and preside over annual meeting
  • Appoint two members at large to serve on the Finance Committee with the President, Past President and Treasurer
  • Attend monthly Bellevue Library Advisory Board meetings
  • Serve as an ex-officio member on the Corner Book Shop Committee and attend meetings
  • Appoint committees as needed
  • Appoint a replacement to the Executive Board with the assistance of the Past President if a member cannot complete a term of office
  • Serve as the BFOL information source to KCLS, media and the community
  • Serve as a liaison between KCLS, KCLS/BFOL Liaison and BFOL
  • Receive and implement directives from the BFOL/KCLS Liaison
  • Update the Executive Board Book yearly
  • Supply the Newsletter Chair with an article for each issue
  • Co-sign checks and appoint member to audit treasurer's monthly report to match bank statement

Vice President

  • Accept responsibility for projects as requested by the President
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the President
  • Assume leadership in the absence of the President
  • Be responsible for planning the Holiday Tea, Joint Boards Luncheon, and Annual Meeting
  • Serve as a substitute at the Bellevue Advisory Board Meeting and the Corner Book Shop Committee meeting if the President is unable to attend
  • Co-sign checks
  • Attend BFOL Board meetings


  • Record minutes of each meeting of the Executive Board and annual BFOL meeting, and retain records of all meetings
  • Send a copy of the previous minutes to the Executive Board
  • Read all papers and correspondence when called upon at the meetings
  • Prepare a roster of BFOL Board
  • Update Board folders in the Stock Room
  • Send special occasion cards and acknowledgment of donation cards


  • Report on BFOL financial status at Executive Board meetings
  • Prepare an annual report of finances for the general membership
  • Notify President of money donations
  • Receive all money belonging to BFOL
  • Pick up and distribute mail
  • Oversee money and securities for the Corporation, arrange for bonding, arrange for preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Disburse all funds as designated by the Executive Board
  • Keep up-to-date financial records in an orderly manner and retain for seven (7) years
  • Serve as the Chairman of the Finance Committee
  • Serve on the Corner Book Shop Committee and attend the Committee's monthly meeting, giving the financial report including a breakdown of the Corner Book Shop results
  • Oversee matching funds accounts
  • Maintain the safe and cash register
  • Appoint an Assistant Treasurer


Assistant Treasurer

  • Pick up daily receipt envelopes from the Corner Book Shop on a weekly basis
  • Verify the daily receipt total with actual cash received and cash register tape
  • Record daily receipt totals and forward to the Treasurer with appropriate backup materials
  • Compile bank deposit from daily receipts, membership dues and donations. Make bank deposit.
  • Keep monthly record of daily receipts and deposits
  • Notify Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator of specific problems with daily receipts
  • Confirm biweekly that correct amounts are available in the change bag, and replenish as needed


Past President

  • Serve on the Finance Committee
  • Preside over the Nominating Committee
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the President
  • Attend Executive Board meetings
  • Chair Emeritus Committee


Bellevue Liaison

  • Coordinate the Book Discussion Group and the Shakespeare Group sessions with the designated adult librarians as to room location, setup and information for publicity flyers
  • Coordinate payment of meeting moderators
  • Mail information flyers, and manage member participation and procedure at the individual sessions
  • Serve refreshments at fall and spring sessions of the Shakespeare Group
  • Attend Executive Board meetings


Lake Hills/Crossroads Liaison

  • Disburse book donations at Lake Hills Library to storage bookcases
  • Fill bookcase in lobby as needed
  • Request additional stock as needed, and send overage of donations to Stock Room Coordinators
  • Attend Executive Board meetings
  • Facilitate programs and projects initiated by Lake Hills Library Manager


Review Chair

  • Send notices to Executive Board members to advise about publication deadlines for their news items
  • Determine Newsletter content
  • Work with Web Coordinator to post Newsletter content to the website
  • Edit and send the Newsletter's copy-ready materials with Librarian's Request Form to KCLS for layout and printing
  • Select a committee to help with mailing of newsletters (optional)
  • Keep a file of past newsletters
  • Obtain photo use permissions
  • Attend Executive Board meetings

Member At Large

  • Maintain the history of the BFOL
  • Add press clippings, photos and other memorabilia to the archives
  • Audit the Treasurer's Report monthly
  • Contact the families of a deceased BFOL member to advise them that books will be purchased by the BFOL and donated to BFOL book club members in his or her memory
  • Yearly, send names of deceased BFOL members to Newsletter Chair for publication in the newsletter and to Web Coordination for including on the In Memoriam web page
  • Appoint a substitute who is trained in these duties in case of absence
  • Attend Executive Board meetings

Membership Chair

  • Maintain a current BFOL membership roster
  • Maintain a copy of all new member applications and renewal forms
  • Generate labels as needed
  • Acknowledge each new member with a packet of BFOL information
  • Mail annual and delinquent dues renewal notices as appropriate
  • Design and coordinate printing of membership forms and brochures
  • Ensure membership forms are available at BFOL events and in the Corner Book Shop
  • Coordinate thank you letters with the Secretary for financial contributions
  • Submit an annual report for the President and Executive Board
  • Attend Executive Board meetings

Web Coordinator

  • Serve as liaison between the BFOL website and BFOL board
  • Maintain content for website
  • Ensure monthly/yearly payments are made for website maintenance and site design services as requested by Executive Board members
  • Manage and add weekly content on social media pages
  • Attend Executive Board meetings

Corner Book Shop Chair

  • Chair Corner Book Shop meetings. Determine date and reserve meeting room.
  • Share Executive Board information with the Corner Book Shop Committee
  • Attend Executive Board meetings and share Corner Book Shop Committee information
  • Develop annual budget for the Corner Book Shop and present it to the Finance Committee
  • Oversee the Corner Book Shop and Stock Room
  • Oversee special sales at the Corner Book Shop or other locations, coordinating with the Lake Hills/Crossroads Liaison
  • Oversee publicity for special sales (signs, articles, etc)
  • Revise guidelines and prices with the input of the Corner Book Shop Committee
  • Supply the Newsletter Chair with an article for each issue
  • Maintain and manage signs and displays
  • Create new volunteer ads, as needed
  • Serve on Volunteer Day Committee

Corner Book Shop Assistant Chair

  • Attend Corner Book Shop monthly meetings and serve as secretary
  • Help prepare the Corner Book Shop yearly budget
  • Purchase all supplies for the Corner Book Shop and Stock Room within budget constraints
  • Establish a list of vendors and resources for purchasing
  • Maintain the display case in the Bellevue Library Galleria
  • Assume the Corner Book Shop Chair duties in the absence of Shop Chair

Stock Room Coordinator

  • Serve on the Corner Book Shop Committee
  • Serve on Volunteer Day Committee
  • Coordinate with shop personnel to keep inventories at appropriate levels in the shop
  • Maintain order in the Stock Room
  • Create a monthly Stock Room schedule, coordinating with the shop schedule prior to the Corner Book Shop Committee meeting
  • Maintain phone list of Stock Room volunteers
  • Follow the "New Volunteer Procedures" to process prospective volunteers, train them for the Stock Room and notify volunteer coordinator
  • Monitor progress of new volunteers
  • Keep the Corner Book Shop Committee apprised of inventory levels
  • Notify Assistant Shop Chair of low supplies, or order as needed
  • Prepare shipments of books for special sales events and to ThriftBooks
  • Manage storage of books with KCLS

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Serve on the Corner Book Shop Committee
  • Prior to each shop meeting, create a shop schedule and coordinate with Stock Room schedule
  • With the Stock Room chair, coordinate mailing of schedules
  • Maintain a phone list of volunteers in the shop and maintain and add new volunteers to the mailing list
  • Write a bulletin to be enclosed with schedules if indicated at the monthly meeting
  • Have new volunteer letters and registration forms available in the Corner Book Shop
  • Train volunteers in the Corner Book Shop after they have worked in the Stock Room successfully and wish to work in the shop as well
  • Schedule new volunteers with more experienced workers and review their progress
  • Keep volunteers informed of procedures
  • Notify the Assistant Corner Book Shop Chair of low supplies

Special Sales Coordinator

  • Serve as a voting board member, reporting to the President
  • Coordinate sales, advertising, dates and volunteers for sales
  • Assist with reservations and book rooms for book sales events  such as the Holiday Sale
  • Work with KCLS advertising team to coordinate posters and press events
  • Assist with managing on-site production and cleanup for events as necessary
  • Keep track of event finances, including check requests, change for cash registers, and tracking sales
  • Help to create vintage/rare book guidelines and document the guidelines in a notebook for future use
  • Attend monthly shop meetings
  • Assist in coordinating storage of vintage/rare books for future sales
  • Assist in training volunteers for sales and/or assist people to help train volunteers for sales
  • Be responsible for getting money and receipts to BFOL Treasurer after sales events